How Do You Measure Up?

The rapid growth of the internet and increased accessibility to information and data has opened new opportunities for measurement but has also complicated how we measure a customer’s journey and their engagement with your business online.

More important than ever for a business owner to examine their infrastructure, tools, processes, and people support the continual improvement process of Measuring, Reporting, Analyzing, Testing and Improvement.

As well as reshaping the technology industry, the rise of the mobile internet will also transform the way people use and perceive the internet. Mobile telephony meant that instead of calling a place you could call a person. Similarly, having long been seen as a separate place, accessed through the portal of a PC screen, the internet is fast becoming an extra layer overlaid on reality, accessed by a device that is always with you (and may eventually be part of you). In the coming years that will be the most profound change of all.

5 Steps of Measurement Planning

  • Step 1: Document Business Objectives
  • Step 2: Identify Strategies and Tactics
  • Step 3: Choose KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Step 4: Choose Segments
  • Step 5: Choose Targets

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